Thanks for dropping in. I’ll try to make this quick.

My name is Andrew. Greetings From Nowhere Fast is a book I started writing a little while ago. It’s my first book, and as such, I wanted to take it easy on myself; follow the old edict, “Write what you know.”

So, this book is about a single-but-looking twenty-something white guy in a Boston-based band, and it takes place in or around the turn of the (most recent) century.

But if books about music aren’t your thing, that’s 100% cool; I can promise a lot of other action—there’s all kinds of relationship stuff, from the standard-issue boy-girl romance melodramatics to the (relatively) less well-traveled terrain of close and intimate, yet non-romantic, relationships between men.

Add a whole Hollywood haystack’s worth of punchy, funny dialogue, drop a happy ending in right at the end, and presto—you’ll find yourself on board before you know it.

Requisite social media pitch: I would be grateful if you’d follow me on your Facebook, Google+ and/or Twitter pages. That way, people who don’t actually know me will have a chance to discover and enjoy this book (or any sections thereof). Which, you know, would be pretty rad.

If you want to get in touch, holler at tonowherefast at gmail com dot. Or maybe it’s dot com. Whatever; I’m in the book. Love to hear from you.

(Oh—and here’s the thing: If you’d rather read any of this in an actual book-like form, you can download the first half of the book. At some point I’m going to either figure out how to sell it (cheap) or just give it away, but for the moment, this should get you started…!)

Again, thanks for taking a look at my brilliant debut novel. I think it’s a lot of fun; I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Andrew Graham

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